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Climb Africa's highest peaks
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Africa: home to some of the most spectacular and diverse mountains. The mighty Kilimanjaro, covered in ancient glaciers. The iconic Mt Kenya where buffalo and elephant roam its slopes. The weirdly wonderful plantlife on the slopes of the Rwenzoris. The spectacular Simien mountains in Ethiopia. The top of the Atlas mountains - Jbel Toubkal, covered in snow; overlooking the dry and hot Sahara desert. Hiking paths on Mulanje, where some claim JR Tolkien found inspiration for the hobbit. Climbing the many peaks on South Africa's Drakensberg, with its majestic and dramatic drops into the lowlands above. Africa. Adventure. A trekking and mountaineering paradise.

Trekking Africa's mountains does not start and stop with your feet hitting the trail. It's also an opportunity to learn about the people that will support you on the mountains. Getting to know them and forming life-long friendships. Marvelling at the porters on Kilimanjaro carrying your food, tents, and other luxuries in large bags balanced on their heads, or the ability of mules on mountains paths in the Simien and Atlas mountains to carry the loads they do and still remain more sure-footed than most of their two-footed companions. Learning about the hardships that the rural people living at the base of the Rwenzoris face on a daily basis; yet being some of the friendliest people you can imagine meeting anywhere. All of these are a part of the experience and adventure you'll have when you join a climbing trip to one of Africa's high mountains. Africa. Adventure.

One of the factors that sets Walk in Wild Places apart from other tour operators, is that we do not sub-contract any of our treks to third party operators. Not only do we have one of our own English-speaking mountain experts accompnay your trek and act as Tour Leaders, thus removing any possible stress-points between you and the support staff, we also use guides that we have personally worked with - ones we trust and know are qualified to provide professional support to you on the mountain.

Our equipment are of high quality. Tents are sturdy and of a quality that will withstand the elements you may encounter on the mountain (on one of my first trips, I had an operator provide tents, they had hired that had broken zips and holes in seams through which wind leaked at night-time, when temperatures were in the minus 20s). We also don't leave menus to chance. We design menus based on our clients' needs. That does not mean everyone eats a la carte. But it does mean that if you are vegan, or lactose-intolerant, or require a gluten-free diet, we'll cater for you.

Another factor that sets us apart, is that we believe that guides and porters are part of the climbing team. They get the same quality food that you get (this is a sore point with me, in that many operators expect their porters to perform at high altitude, with little more than maize porridge to fill their stomachs - and they often have to buy it out of the wages they get paid!!!).

Payment of porters is yet another part of our work ethic that we pride ourselves on: we pay above average wages (based on guidance provided by local porters and guides associations). We don't expect you to top up their wages at the end of the trip with tips! On top of a living wage, we pay each staff member a bonus at the end of the trip (which you can hand over to the porters/guides/cooks at the end of the trip, removing the awkwardness of trying to decide how much you should tip). (Note! This does not mean that you can't personally and privately tip individuals for exceptional service they provided you.)

We do not allow porters to carry more than a reasonable load. This means that we have to use more porters per person than some other operators to convey your personal belongings, plus tents, mattresses, chairs, tables for dining, toilet tents, cooking equipment, food, etc... Not only do we think of this as fair treatment of staff, we see it as an opportunity for more local people to earn a living wage.

One other factor that sets us apart from the pack is the help we provide you prior the trip to get ready. Regular consultation to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for the challenge and have the right equipment to ensure that you will be one of the 60% that successfully reach the summit.

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* Prices quoted below include all meals and accommodation (except meals not taken with the group), full support of English speaking Tour leader from arrival to departure, Guides, cook and porters on trek, bottled water on trek, all ground transfers, and tips to porters.

Mount Kilimanjaro


Climb Africa's highest mountain (5,895m) from US$ 4440

Location: Tanzania

Height: 5,895m / 19,341ft

Duration: 9 days

Currency: Tanzanian Shilling

Visas: On arrival; required by most

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August 2020 (TBC) Book now!

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

Africa‚Äôs iconic second highest mountain at 5,199m from US$ 2550

Location: Mt Kenya, Kenya

Height: 5,199m/17,058ft

Duration: 9 days

Group size: 12 people (max)

Currency: Kenyan Shilling

Visas: Required by most

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August 2020 (TBC) Book now!

Stanley glacier, Mt Stanley

Mount Stanley

The mystical third highest mountain at 5,109m from US$ 2950

Location: Ruwenzori mountains, Uganda

Height: 5,109m/16,762ft

Duration: 11 days

Currency: Ugandan Shilling

Visas: Required by most

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November 2020 (TBC) Book now!

Simien Mountains


The spectacular Simien mountains - unsurpassed mountain scenery from US$ 3330

Location: Ethiopia

Height: 4,536 m (14,928 ft)

Duration: 8 days

Currency: Ethiopian Birr

Visas: Required by most

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November 2020 Book now!

Jbel Toubkal

Atlas mountains

Climb Jbel Toubkal (4,167 m), the highest peak in North Africa from US$ 720

Location: Morocco

Height: 4167m

Duration: 4 days

Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Visas: Required by some

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September 2020 (TBC) Book now!

Professional advice

I'll help you plan your trip, give you advice on equipment, and get you ready to give you the best possible chance to reach the summit

Professional team

I only work with guides that I have personally climbed with; who understand local conditions, are certified first aiders, and can be relied on.

Professional support

You'll be accompanied by an experienced European leader who knows the people and the conditions, and who can help you solve problems if they arise.